Lifestyle of a Pilot

Of all the thousands of careers available in the world, very few even are remotely as exciting as a pilot. New destinations and new challenges await the pilot every day. Unlike so many "office jobs" which are the same day in and day out, no 2 minutes of a pilot's career are exactly the same.
An airline pilot will usually join an airline on an aircraft such as the B-737 or A320 as a first officer. They will check the plane out, calculate fuel requirements and file a flight plan. Once the passengers are boarded, they will obtain Air Traffic Control clearance, start the aircraft, and taxi to the active runway. Once cleared, they will taxi onto the runway and takeoff. After a few hours, or depending upon the length of the flight, they will land the aircraft, and taxi to the gate. Nothing could be better than getting paid to experience the sensation of flight!

Pilots have the opportunity to travel to many interesting destinations, both on and off duty. When they are on duty on "lay-overs", pilots (as well as cabin crew) will stay at some of the finest hotels, and have their hotel and meals taken care of by the airline. Most people only dream of this lifestyle.
When off duty, pilots and other professionals in the airline industry have the opportunity to travel around the world, either for free, or will pay only a small fraction of the cost. There will also be discounts at luxury hotels through airline partnerships. The result is being able to see the exotic locations of the world for little or nothing. Very few careers have this benefit.
A pilot is a career with awesome responsibilities; that is what makes pilots so valuable. Unlike so many other professionals,a pilot does not have to worry about his job when off duty. Professionals such as Accountants and Engineers often have to take their work home with them, or at least be worrying about tomorrow's problems when they are off. Once a pilot has finished his or her duty time, they can relax until their next duty time, without worry.

Few careers offer the sense of freedom a pilot does. Very few careers offer so many opportunities to see the world like a pilot. A pilot is also a career with tremendous earning potential. For one who seeks the opportunity for adventure and travel, the airline pilot is a career without equal.